Randy Yu sounds alarm on Mui Wo population growth

District Councillor Randy Yu has called on government, police and transport providers to explain how they will cope with Mui Wo’s coming population boom.

The opening of two Housing Department estates in Mui Wo next August will add 700 new homes and increase the population by between 1,700 to 2,000 – a huge spike from the current level of around 5,400.

“The public is greatly concerned about the lack of community facilities,” Yu said in a question tabled to the Islands District Council.

Local residents are worried about the carrying capacity of the ferry and bus services, inadequate parking for cars and bikes, the level of medical services and the lack of police.

Yu, who represents South Lantau, said his office has even received calls from those who have purchased homes in the new estates expressing concern about the expensive ferry fares.

He called on the Transport Department, the Hospital Authority, police and the ferry and bus companies to attend next week’s District Council meeting to explain how they will address these issues.


  1. Chris Meecham

    And I guess families will need to be discouraged from moving in,since there are severely limited primary school places and NO secondary schools in South Lantau.

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