LaDA wants restrictions eased so bridge visitors can reach Lantau tourist spots

A local business lobby has called on the government to ease restrictions on HK-Macau bridge arrivals to make it easier for them to visit Lantau tourist spots.

The 30km bridge-tunnel across the Pearl River mouth, under construction since 2010, is officially due to open by the end of this year, two years after the original deadline.

Lantau Development Alliance (LaDA) chairman Spenser Au says his group had called on the government to allow tourists coaches to take visitors to Lantau Island attractions, but so far officials had resisted.

He says buses should be allowed into restricted areas to pick up passengers arriving on the 130-ha artificial island next to the airport.  If not “there will be a large number of passengers stranded on the island in the future,” HK01 reports.

LaDa, which is backed by major developers and Lantau tourism operators, also urges the construction of a pedestrian link between the bridge arrival zone and the new business district north of the airport. It seeks the extension both the MTR and road connections to Tung Chung and a wider use of ferry transport to the airport and around Lantau as well.

Additionally, Au said the arrival of the HK-Macau bridge can make North Lantau a medical tourism destination. He called for the government to establish a pilot medical centre in the bridge landing area.

Under current plans the HZM Bridge landing zone is intended to support 500,000 square metres of space of retail, restaurants and entertainment.

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