After peak smog yesterday, another bad-air day ahead

After a day of hazardous air yesterday, Hong Kong is set for a hot, hazy Sunday.

Late Saturday afternoon 15 districts, including Tung Chung, reached 10+, or ‘serious’ – the highest level on the government Air Quality Health Index (AQHI).

At that level, the public is advised to reduce outdoor activity to a minimum, and children and the elderly are asked to avoid staying outdoors.

The index forecasts moderate to very high levels this afternoon.

The Environmental Protection Department says light winds and intense sunshine, under the influence of an anti-cyclone, are trapping pollutants and enhancing photo-chemical smog activity.

The Hong Kong Observatory forecasts a likely change on Monday as stronger east to northeast winds arrive.

The Observatory has also issued a hot weather warning, with temperature expected to reach 34 degrees.

Hong Kong air quality trackers

  • Environment Protection Department AQHI
  • Weather Underground of Hong Kong Index (measures Hong Kong readings using US AQI methodology)
  • China government AQI (includes all areas of Hong Kong)


(Photo: Headline Daily)

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