Close shave! Bus, taxi in dramatic near-miss (video)

A taxi dashcam has recorded a heartstopping near-miss with a New Lantao Bus.

The number 11 bus was travelling from Tung Chung toward Tai O at 2:47pm Friday when it overtook a cement truck on a bend, oblivious to the taxi coming from the other direction.

The two vehicles came to a near-halt with metres to spare.

The location of the incident is not clear, but it appears to be on South Lantau Road west of Shui Hau .

The video, posted on Plaxtonl’s Bus Facebook page, attracted a number of comments mocking the safety of NLB services.

A customer service staff member told the Oriental Daily that the NLB would take disciplinary action against the driver.

One comment

  1. Brian G

    Can you imagine if there were cyclists on the road as the bus passed the truck. We should make it mandatory for bus companies to install driver assist technology (limiting speed and regulating vehicle position on the road).Humans are always going to make mistakes and the consequences on such a windy road will be disastrous. The buffaloes will also benefit!

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