Mui Wo Swimming Pool closed for cleaning after discovery of faeces

Mui Wo Swimming Pool closed for several hours today after the discovery of faeces in the pool.

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced this morning that the pool was “closed for cleaning and superchlorination following the discovery of a small amount of faeces.”

It reopened at 1pm.

“The department appeals to swimmers to be considerate and to keep the swimming pools clean. They are advised not to swim after a full meal and should use the toilet facilities if necessary before swimming,” the statement said.


One comment

  1. Jason Ali

    Swimming pools are disgusting places. Poo might not be such a problem, but most kids and a fair fraction of adults empty their bladders in them. I know because as a youngster I did it myself. Anyone who says they didn’t is a liar. Moreover, people add to the concoction through spitting and the blowing out of their snot. Aaargh!

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