Drunk driver pleads guilty over north Lantau road rampage

A 46-year-old CEO who broke through two roadblocks and led police on a 22-kilometre chase has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The driver, Mo Lai-man, caused HK$300,000 in damage during a wild chase between Disneyland and Ma Wan on December 5 last year, Oriental Daily reports.

The pursuit began after a police patrol spotted Mo talking on his mobile phone while parked on Sunny Bay Road, near Disneyland.

He suddenly drove off on the wrong side of the road and ignored instructions from the officers to stop, sparking the pursuit.

He twice forced his way through roadblocks, damaging two police vehicles, two light trucks and another vehicle. When he finally stopped in Ma Wan, he was emotional, shouting that he wanted to die, and tried to jump from the freeway bridge, the District Court heard.

Aftermath (source: HK01)

He was later found to have contained 75 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood, well above the 50 mg limit.

Ma, the chief executive of China Dragon Membership Services, said he was distressed because of business debts and had intended to commit suicide.

The judge said the offences would usually require a prison term. He asked for a psychological and psychiatric report,  with Mo to be sentenced on August 17.

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