The Great Fences of Lantau

Donald Trump is having trouble building his beautiful wall at the Mexico border. Sad!

We don’t have a lot of walls on Lantau, but we have fences – it’s a core competency .

So, here they are – Lantau’s Top Ten Greatest Fences.

#1. The public toilet perimeter fence

Eliminates the threat of falling toilet patrons

#2. The double fence

Why build one when two will do?

#3. The concrete enclosure fence

When your vacant concrete space needs protection

#4. The attention-to-detail fence

Let no square inch of cement go unguarded

#5. Green fence

Nothing says ‘green’ like a fenced-in garden

#6. The wall fence

Even walls need protection

#7. The quiet rural road fence

For those traffic blackspots with no traffic

#8. The extension fence

When you need an extra barrier, even if you’re sure not why

#9. The car park backstop fence

A sanctuary from dangers that lurk

#10. Car door defence fence

A barricade against the peril of vehicle doors



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