Lantau fox in SPCA care after catchwater rescue

A marble fox found in the catchwater at Tong Fuk is being kept under observation by the SPCA.

The 50cm long fox, discovered in the catchwater late Friday night, was rescued by the Fire Department and put into the care of the SPCA. It had been in the area for at least two days.

The SPCA says the animal is at the Kowloon Centre where it is being monitored for signs of rabies or other disease. It says it hasn’t decided what to do with the animal, but may hand it to the Kadoorie Farm or Ocean Park, a spokesperson told told Apple Daily.

After an initial inspection the animal was found to be uninjured and basically healthy, but very thin, the association said. It was difficult to examine it closely because of its fear of humans. Its age and sex are still unclear.

Hungry (Photo: Ivan Li)

The marble fox is a domesticated breed, a combination of genetic manipulation of the red and Arctic foxes. It almost certainly has either been abandoned by its owners or has escaped from its home or from smugglers.

Ivan Li, who found the animal while on a nocturnal snake safari, said it was very thin and hungry and tried to feed it some bred. He believes it was left there by its owners. He criticised those who “abandon alien species” in Hong Kong.

Top photo: In the catchwater (Ivan Li)



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