Carrie Lam to review land supply plans

New Chief Executive Carrie Lam has promised to reopen public debate over the government’s land supply policies.

She says she will set up an expert panel to hold large-scale discussions on future land supply, which she acknowledges has been a controversial topic, with public opposition to the building of homes in country parks and plans for massive sea reclamation off Lantau.

Lam said she would wait for the report of the Housing Society, which was commissioned by the previous government to examine the potential for building homes in the Tai Lam and Ma On Shan country parks.

She did not specifically refer to the East Lantau Metropolis (ELM), but it has certainly created heated debate. The plan to build a new CBD on 1000 ha of reclaimed land between Lantau and Hong Kong is the government’s biggest land supply project, sparking wide community opposition and claims that the consultation ignored public opinion.

The Leung government’s decision build on a greenfield site in Wang Chau rather than on a brownfield site owned by a rural major landowner is yet another controversy.

Photo: Scale model of Tung Chung after completion of extension project in 2023

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