A taste of the Caribbean at Cheung Sha

We’re going to be liming at Cheung Sha this summer.

Di Jerk Shed, Lantau’s first Caribbean restaurant opens today at the site vacated by the Stoep, just a few steps from the Cheung Sha sands.

Lantau News spoke to Larry la Guerre, a Hong Kong Airlines captain and Tung Chung resident, and co-founder Phil St Hill, a fellow pilot who hails from St Vincent.

Larry (left) and Phil: Bringing the Caribbean experience

Q: What makes a successful airlines captain jump into the Hong Kong restaurant scene?

You can find Caribbean food in places like New York, London and Toronto but there’s nothing in Hong Kong. We have so many expats here and the Caribbean is a long way away. We want to bring the Caribbean experience here.

Q: What is Di Jerk Shed going to offer?

There will be Caribbean food, like Jamaican jerk – chicken, pork, wings. Plus doubles from Trinidad, which is like pita, with split peas in the middle, and roti.

You can’t get alot of the ingredients here. There’s nothing remotely like pimento in Hong Kong, so we’re bringing them from North America.

For drinks there is rum Julep punch, and we’re trying to order in Red Stripe lager from Jamaica.

And there’s music. Reggae and calypso – Bob Marley, Might Sparrow, Peter Tosh – classic reggae from the 70s to the 90s.

Q: What kind of vibe are you aiming for?

You go to a restaurant in the Caribbean and you don’t see just one colour or culture. There’s a huge diversity and that is reflected in our food.

We also have a word ‘lime’, which means to hang out. We want people to lime – relax, kick back, enjoy the music, the beach, the food.

Q: This is a very seasonal location – most of the business takes place in the space of four months. What will you do for the rest of the year?

Getting here is the biggest challenge people face. We will offer free transportation to Cheung Sha with our van – that will be a scheduled service to North Lantau.

We’re going to get local residents involved. We’ll hold events like Latin dance night, we’ll have a residents’ VIP card with special offers, and we’re also marketing to airline crews. We will have crew nights, with 30% discount.

Q: How did the two of you get together?

[Larry] I worked here from 2002 to 2007 and then came back to work for Hong Kong Airlines in 2012. My wife loves it here.

We bumped into each other last year. Phil used to run a chain of successful bars on Phuket, and we both had exactly the same idea of bringing the Caribbean experience to Hong Kong.

We were looking for a location and when this spot became vacant we both thought this had it all – beach, sun, sand. Perfect for liming.

What: Di Jerk Shed

Where: G/F, 50 Lower Cheung Sha Beach, South Lantau

When: Daily

Phone: 2234-JERK

Website: www.dijerkshed.com

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