$10,000 reward: Race against time to find stolen baby owls

Local resident William Sargent is offering HK$10,000 reward for the urgent return of two baby owls stolen from the Tung Chung Country Park yesterday.

The young owls are unlikely to survive without their parents.

Better-known as Lantau’s ‘snake man’, Sargent has posted an audio feed that partially captures the theft.

Sargent says the person is likely to be of Pakistani Muslim/Punjabi background. He used the name (a common name) ‘Raja’ referring to himself.

He may be based in Tung Chung and if we can spread the word to this community, we may have the luck we need to find him and more importantly, the baby Owls which are very unlikely to survive without their parents. The police are aware of this case, but have indicated what we are doing now will be the best chance of success.


Source: William Sargent

The owls were taken in the general location of the petrol station on the Tung Chung Road.

Owls are a protected species in Hong Kong, with penalties of up to HK$5 million fine and two years jail for harming them.

Those with information can contact TungChungOwl@gmail.com or call 9470 8442.

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