Roast chicken finds roost in Mui Wo

Robert Lau comes with a pedigree in the food business – or maybe it’s a reverse pedigree. His daughter Kit runs the popular Village Bakery in Mui Wo.

Last month he opened Robert’s Market, specialising in fresh baked chicken. He speaks to Lantau News.

How did you end up running a chicken shop in Mui Wo?

I’m not from Mui Wo. I’m a lorry driver. The government required me to upgrade my diesel truck – they offered me compensation but it wasn’t enough to buy a new vehicle. So I decided to open this roast chicken shop.

Why chicken?

My daughter [Kit] advised that this space was available in Mui Wo.

Originally I wanted to cook wontons but my wife suggested roast chicken because of the number of foreigners in Lantau. Plus, there’s no other chicken outlet here.

What’s your philosophy?

No hormones or antibiotics, no chemical ingredients.  I love cooking and taught myself to cook. I tested all my dishes out on friends and relatives.

Do you have a favourite dish?



What: Robert’s Market

Where: Mui Wo Ferry Pier

When: Daily 11am-2:30pm, 5-9pm

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