A smarter lock to deter Lantau bike thieves?

Here’s a solution that might make a dent in bike theft: a smart bicycle lock.

It’s the idea of a Korean start-up called Bisecu (= ‘bike security’), who are promising to make security for your two wheels easier and stronger.

The benefits: the Bisecu lock is about the quarter of the weight of a U-lock, and it locks automatically. Driven by a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app, it locks as you dismount and unlocks as you approach the bike.

“Bisecu aims to get rid of the most negative part of the riding experience – locking and unlocking your bike,” says marketing director Siri Sung.  “It eliminates the need to carry around a clunky piece of metal and the hassle of searching for a key.”

The bonus attractions are that the smart lock stays on the bicycle front wheel and provides accurate real time cycling data.  It also enables bike sharing and, by connecting with other riders nearby, can deliver crowd-generated GPS data.

Bisecu says it’s planning to take the product to Kickstarter some time in Q2. You can learn more or sign up at their website .

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