A couple more for the banner collection

For the record, a couple more banners next to the Mui Wo ferry pier.

Resident Ben Sargent commented on my earlier piece that banners calling for the redevelopment of Chi Ma Wan prison are up in the Ham Tin/Pui O area. So whoever is doing it is reasonably thorough. And also, you’d have to say, a touch conspiratorial and counter-productive.  What’s the point of making an intervention in local issues if you’re not going to identify yourself?

As posted earlier, one resident claims to have seen former local District Councillor Rainbow Wong and a team putting up the banners in Pui O.

There is no sign the banners have been approved by the Lands Department. Local environmental activists say they must apply months in advance to get just a single banner space.

For what it’s worth, I’ve done a quick analysis of the 12 banners, including the two below. Conclusion:

  • Seven are ‘pro-community’- that is, advocating things like bike trails and better broadband that almost everyone supports but are low on government priorities.
  • Four are ‘pro-development’: one attacking conservation, one calling for the widening of all roads, another for the improvement of roads to all villages and another insisting on a highway from Mui Wo to the Lantau north coast (a costly idea rejected by the Highways Dept). These are supported by the rural committees and the development faction.
  • One is a bit of both – parking in Mui Wo, which has a shortage of parking space, but with local population about to escalate the need for an expansion in public transport services is even more important.

IMG_20160508_152143Support Lantau Development: We strongly demand an increase in the number of Mui Wo parking spaces.

IMG_20160508_152024_1Support Lantau Development: We demand the improvement of roads to every Lantau village.

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