Anita Mui’s ashes at Po Lin temple

Lantau’s Po Lin Monastery is the final resting place of the late superstar Anita Mui Yim-fung, it has been revealed.


Mui died of cervical cancer in 2003, aged 40, but the fate of her ashes has been unknown to all but a few fans, even though hundreds turn out to commemorate her birthday and the anniversary of her death each year.

A devout Buddhist, Mui’s ashes are in a columbarium at Po Lin under her milk name, Jyu Neuih (珠女), the head of Mui’s fan club told NOW TV.

During her 20-year career as a Cantopop star the singer made 30 albums and held 292 concerts – a record for a Chinese female singer. She also starred in 40 movies. She was known for her elaborate costumes and her distinctive husky voice – the latter apparently the result of over-exerting her vocal chords when she was a teenager.

Mui’s ashes face a Kwan Yin statue, inscribed with the words: “From Taishan, Guangdong. Jyu Neuih.”

About 100 members of the late singer’s fan club attended a held an event at the Fringe Club on the anniversary of her death on December 30, where a statue to her was unveiled.

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