Fast broadband is arriving, slowly

High-speed internet via fibre connections to the home is on its way to South Lantau – but not from PCCW.

Local firm Top Express, which specialises in building infrastructure such as telecom networks and electricity grids, has invited residents of Mui Wo villages Tai Tei Tong, Luk Tei Tong and Pak Ngan Hang to register for the home broadband service. The company says it plans to cover all Mui Wo villages, with service to start as soon as May.

The broadband service will be delivered by Top Express partner HGC, part of the Hutchison Telecom Group, delivering bandwidth of 1 Gbps for both download and upload.

Elsewhere on Lantau, fast broadband has arrived at Ham Tin, but not with fibre. Residents now have access to 100Mbps downstream using vectoring technology over PCCW’s copper network.

Optical fibre is in place in Cheung Sha to service current residents and the new White Sands project, but has not yet been activated.

PCCW has developed an internal plan to build fibre networks to most households on the four outlying islands, but it has yet to be approved.  Lantau Confidential has reached out to PCCW for comment.

UPDATE: PCCW says the Ham Tin “speed upgrade project,” providing up to 100M/30M for download/upload, is a pilot program and it is considering further trials elsewhere. “The response from these pilot programs will provide some insight for our future planning,” the company said in an email.


  1. Greg

    Any update on this new TopExpress/HTC service? Looking to move to Mui Wo so I asked agents about it; one of them said the service has started in some villages, the other said it was an illegal arrangement and will get shut down!

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