Vehicles will drive on right and pay renminbi tolls on HK-Macau bridge

Vehicles on the new HK-Macau bridge will drive on the right and pay tolls in renminbi, the HZMB Management Bureau has announced.

The Zhuhai-based agency, which oversees construction and management of the 42km link across the Pearl River mouth, also confirmed that each city would have its own customs and immigration checkpoint.

The bridge and the checkpoints will be in operation 24 hours a day, China News Service reports.

Originally scheduled to start operation in 2016, the bridge-tunnel project is due to open in May after a series of construction delays and budget over-runs.

The bureau said that as the main bridge is in mainland waters, vehicles will drive on the right-hand side, mainland style. The speed limit will be set at 100kmh.

Because of the complexities involved in getting vehicles to swap lanes, they will also drive on the right-hand along the 12km link road in Hong Kong territory.

However, it is not clear whether local traffic regulations and other laws will apply on that stretch, which runs parallel to Lantau’s north coast (Lantau News has sought a response from the Transport Department).

The bureau has also confirmed that 140 shuttle buses will be deployed to carry passengers across the bridge, initially every ten minutes and eventually every three to five minutes.

Twenty toll lanes have been set up to collect cash or non-cash payments in remminbi. It will accept electronic payments including ETC, MTC and Alipay.

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