Triad squad still probing S. Lantau arson attacks

Police are still investigating the mysterious double arson attacks at Pui O and Shui Hau in August.

Seven weeks after almost identical cases of arson in the two South Lantau villages, no arrests have been made.

Unusually for Lantau, the attacks are being investigated by the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau (OTCB). The squad primarily focuses on Kowloon and the New Territories and rarely takes on any cases in Lantau.

But following the incidents in the early hours of August 24, OCTB officers arrived in Pui O and Shui Hau that morning to take control of the case, suggesting they had information that the attacks were triad-linked.

In both cases, a late model Toyota was backed up to the gate of a home and set alight. The two incidents took place in the two villages, nine kilometres apart, in the space of four minutes.

Police said they found no links between the residents or owners of the two properties and nothing that linked any of them to any criminal activity.


Photo: Aftermath of the Shui Hau arson attack (Oriental Daily)

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