Today is last chance to object to Pui O wetland caravan park

Buffalo habitat under threat

This afternoon is the deadline for objections to the planned caravan park and camping ground on Pui O wetland.

The landowner wishes to turn 5000 sq m currently occupied by Garden Plus and adjacent wetland and farmland into a 15-caravan camp and hobby farm with sewerage facilities.

Details on the application are here.

The area is zoned Coastal Protection Area, which theoretically means it has ecological value, but which provides no enforcement or penalty for breaches.

Suggested grounds for objection:

  1. The wetland is valuable land, a part of the buffalo’s shrinking habitat and an important tourist attraction. The Sustainable Lantau Blueprint declared the area an important ecological zone that needed to be preserved. If this application is approved, others will quickly go through. It is incumbent upon the TPB to uphold the intent of the Blueprint, which is intended to set out the direction of Lantau development for the next two decades.
  2. It is inappropriate to turn a CPA area into a for-profit tourist facility that will severely degrade the ecological value of the site
  3. Already a caravan park appears to be operating at the rear of Garden Plus. If unauthorised land use is not penalised it makes a mockery of the planning system
  4. Local residents may have noise and traffic concerns about the proposal

Please go to this page to file your objection.

Caravans currently on-site





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